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We have incredible success stories at Boys and Girls Haven, but most people never see them because they involve such simple things as learning how to cook a meal or to wake up for school on time. For kids who have grown up with nothing but abuse and neglect, these aren’t just successes – they’re miracles. Here is a collection of stories told by our kids – in their own words – describing what Boys and Girls Haven has meant to them.

Nick’s Story
I got put into foster care when I was seven years old. Actually, it was me, my older brother, my younger brother and my sister, all at the same time. We were split up and sent to four different foster homes. Our mother had serious drug issues and was gone a lot, often for weeks at a time. I was forced to get old real quick, long before I turned seven. My older brother and I took care of the two little ones when we still lived with our mother…read full story

Cindy’s Story
I’m originally from northern Kentucky. One of my mom’s boyfriends used to get me to do cocaine with him before I was even 12. He thought it was funny to get high with a kid.  I developed a dependency on the drug and ended up spending time in a residential treatment center for girls…read full story

Mary’s Story (Therapeutic Foster Care Parent)
There’s a boy in my house. He’s tall and lanky, with brown eyes and curly dark hair cropped close to his head. He plays video games and actually craves my meatloaf. Each afternoon I see him from the kitchen window. Even on the coldest days he romps with the two dogs in the full story