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Campus Residential – Providing a Safe Haven

Our Campus Residential Program provides short term (7 to 8 months) stabilization for abused and at-risk boys who typically come to us after numerous unsuccessful placements in the foster care system. We provide a structured, secure and therapeutic environment 24 hours a day as the boys work towards permanent placement.

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We have two cottages on campus that can serve a total of 30 boys. Both are structured to mimic a normal, family-like home environment. Our staff and kids eat all meals together over a shared table in a dining room. The boys have their own rooms, or they share a room with another boy when appropriate. For many, this is the most stable family experience they have ever had.

At Boys and Girls Haven, we believe there is no such thing as a bad kid; there are only bad behaviors that have been learned through years of abuse, neglect and mistreatment. Our therapists focus on teaching appropriate behaviors and responses, offering our kids a positive replacement for their bad choices. Our approach is effective – we are known statewide for our success with the hardest to place kids.

If you have any questions about our Residential Program, contact Jamie Gray, Program Manager jgray@boyshaven.org or Cara Murray, Referral/Intake Coordinator cmurray@boyshaven.org.


Campus Education Programs – Teaching Values and Skills

We have a Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) located on our 2301 Goldsmith Lane Campus. In addition to traditional middle school and high school curricula, the school emphasizes social skills and remedial instruction for students needing special education.

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By the time many of our kids come to us, they are on average 2 years behind their peers academically. Our campus school features an accelerated, intensive curriculum designed to bring students up to speed so they can rejoin their peers in a community school. We are a member of the Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Children(KECSAC) and we have 3 full-time teachers from  the Jefferson County Public School system. Boys and Girls Haven provides Educational Youth Counselors to assist in class with therapy as needed. With a library on campus and state of the art technology like smart boards and computers in our classrooms, we are able to make sure our students advance towards their educational goals.

Our approach is working – in 2012 two of our kids received awards for their academic success. One was recognized as an Outstanding High School Senior through the Office of the Mayor and one was awarded the KECSAC Student of the Year Award, along with a scholarship to apply towards a college or technical program of his choice.

If you have any questions, contact Lynda Weathers, Education Supervisor lweathers@boyshaven.org  or Cara Murray, Referral/Intake Coordinator cmurray@boyshaven.org.


Haven Family Services – Protecting At-Risk Children

At Boys and Girls Haven we recognize that the only way to be 100% successful in our work is to prevent children from being removed from their homes and becoming wards of the state. With this goal in mind, our Haven Family Services program provides intensive, in-home therapy, case management and medication management services for children and adolescents up to age 21 who are at risk of being hospitalized or placed in out-of-home care due to status offenses (truancy, beyond control, habitual runaway) and mental health issues.

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We work collaboratively with the Department of Community Based Services and other community partners to assist families in accessing needed resources and natural supports that will make the entire family successful. In some instances, a child leaving an out-of-home placement may be referred in order to facilitate his or her transition back to the home. Boys and Girls Haven also offers a residential program for males (age 11-21) that are being discharged from an inpatient or crisis stabilization unit to give them continued intensive residential treatment for up to 100 days. We offer a variety of licensed therapists and experienced case managers to choose from that have helped many clients become stable and successful.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact Melanie Minteer, Clinical Program Manager mminteer@boyshaven.org or Cara Murray, Referral/Intake Coordinator cmurray@boyshaven.org.


Pre-Independent Living – Preparing Teens for Adulthood

One of our greatest needs today is to provide support to children aging out of the foster care system. Many have little to no family support and find themselves completely on their own when they turn 18. Our Pre-Independent Living programs are designed to make this transition to independence a success.

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Our Pre-Independent Living programs provide weekly therapy, case management, intensive independent living skills training and 24/7 supervision. The programs emphasize education and vocational training while preparing youth for true independence. All of our kids enrolled in this program are either in school or working, and often they are doing both. Some of our girls are parenting and learning how to balance the demands of raising their child with work and school commitments. Currently, we can take up to 18 boys in the program and up to 10 girls.

For more information on our boys program, contact Jamie Gray, Program Manager jgray@boyshaven.org
For more information on our girls program, contact Crystal Bradley, Supervisor cbradley@boyshaven.org
Or contact Cary Murray, Intake Coordinator cmurray@boyshaven.org.


Independent Living Programs – Apartments throughout Louisville and Salt River Trail Region

Our goal is always to create healthy, self-sustaining adults. Our Independent Living Programs functions as a last stop on the road to independence.

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With less supervision than our Pre-Independent Living program, young adults enrolled in our Independent Living Program live on their own in apartments. We provide intensive case management, counseling, mentoring, life skills training, education, job training, and job placement services. We also offer a specialized GED program, conducted by Jefferson County Public Schools, to assist transitional and permanent clients in completing their education. In essence, we are the extended family support that these kids do not have.

For more information on our girls program, contact the Program Supervisor or contact Cara Murray, Referral/Intake Coordinator cmurray@boyshaven.org.


Equine and Vocational Programs

The Boys and Girls Haven Equine Program provides both therapy and vocational training for at-risk youth and young adults. Our barn on campus was built by the program’s inaugural group of students and now serves as a working classroom.

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The program is organized into three phases. Students begin in phase one which focuses on using horses for therapy and teaching basic job skills. Once students have mastered basic job skills, they are free to move on to phase two, which pairs them with an internship in the community. Students finish the program in phase three which focuses on finding them a good paying job with benefits in the community.

For more information, contact Nicole Linton, Equine Supervisor nlinton@boyshaven.org or contact Cara Murray, Referral/Intake Coordinator cmurray@boyshaven.org.


Therapeutic Foster Care Program – Promoting a Home like Setting

Our Therapeutic Foster Care Program provides youth with safe, secure environments in which they can successfully overcome past disappointments and disruptions. Our foster parents receive around the clock support from a team of professionals and are trained on how to respond to the specific needs of children with a history of abuse or neglect.

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 It’s true that there’s no place like home and for many of our kids a safe, loving foster home is the closest they’ve ever come to having one.  To ensure that our placements are successful, we provide extensive training and ongoing support for our foster parents. We recognize how difficult parenting under normal circumstances can be – parenting a foster child who has been abused presents a whole new set of challenges. Our program provides therapeutic foster families with the skills and support they need to succeed.

We are always looking to recruit and train new foster families. If you would like to open your heart and home to a child in need, please click on “Get Involved” and complete our form. If you have any questions about the program, contact Becky Karman, Program Manager bkarman@boyshaven.org or Cara Murray, Referral/Intake Coordinator cmurray@boyshaven.org


Youth Mentoring – Coaching Kids in Need

When we look at our success stories, they all have one thing in common – every successful child has had a positive relationship with an adult who is not staff or family. Our Mentoring Program pairs adult mentors of all ages with young men and women ages 15-21. Recruited from various business associations and church groups, mentors are screened, trained and supervised by Boys and Girls Haven staff.

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 In recent years, losses in funding have caused us to reduce the scope of our Mentoring Program. However, we are always looking for special people with big hearts who want to share some of their time with our kids. Click our “Get Involved” button to sign up to become a mentor at Boys and Girls Haven!
If you have any questions about the program, contact Cara Murray, Referral/Intake Coordinator cmurray@boyshaven.org.


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